A Father’s Prayer

Father God,

I’m humbled by your trust in me. I lack the same confidence that you have shown by trusting me with your precious creations. Each morning I wake up to the sounds of laughter and I hear you in the other room. I wake up to hugs and being tackled on my bed and I feel your love in my children’s arms. I look into their eyes and see their huge smiles and I discover through them the joy of living innocently in your care and protection. Thank you so, so much for them. My gratitude and humility overwhelms my emotions.

I ask now Father, that you will give me the strength to teach my sons to be strong Godly men by being sweet and compassionate and caring towards other people by showering them with love and affection.

Father, please help me to teach my girls to be strong and full of confidence and self-esteem by building them up each day with positive, nurturing and affirming words.

Father, please help me as I teach my boys to honor and value women, to cherish them and place them high on the pedestals that you have reserved especially for them. Father, please remind my girls to watch and play close attention so that they will know to choose a husband who will honor and value and place them on the highest of all pedestals.

Father, I pray for your reminders and gentle correction when I forget that my children don’t care about how much money I make, the size of our home or how nice our car is. Remind me God, that all they really care most about is me and the time that I give them.

Father, I pray for forgiveness and mercy for all the times that I have not been patient with your precious creations. I’m humbled and embarrassed as I consider how patient and understanding you continue to be with me.

Father, please help me to show my children how to be kind and merciful and generous and loving towards everyone that comes into their life. Help me to teach them to live without regret from yesterday, with passion for today and with hope for a greater tomorrow.

Father, most of all, please help me to lead my children towards the cross and to walk courageously in your footsteps, knowing that they are walking innocently in mine.


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